During Kappa Week 2016, the NUPES showed their appreciation for the faculty and staff at the University of Maryland through 'Kappa Kares'. Through this program, brothers in the chapter passed out roses and Hershey Kisses throughout campus to members of the faculty and staff.

Brothers also participated in an event with the Justice for Juniors program, which, according to their OrgSync website, "in collaboration with George Washington University, visits a juvenile detention center in DC twice a week as part of a mentoring program." The program also creates "lesson plans each week based on important ethical issues" and holds "forums on campus to further understand the juvenile justice system and how we can be of service." During the program, brothers hosted and led a discussion about the importance of loving oneself and others.

At the beginning of Kappa Week, the NUPES hosted a Sunday Church Service at the University of Maryland Chapel.


Brother Isaac Bagayoko represented Theta Theta by attending the AFLV Leadership Conference in Indiana with other members of UMD's NPHC and MGC.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Brother William Sykes took some time to talk about dreams and goals with the bright youth of our future.